Premium 👑 features and pricing

What does it cost?

A GoDutch premium subscription is AU$15 🇦🇺 per year. No more, no less. That's, like, four coffees. ☕ Which you can then happily GoDutch with your friends. And you're supporting a small, independent business. Seriously, email us, we'll send you a photo of GoDutch HQ.

If you decide to stop paying for GoDutch, your data is still accessible, your non-free-tier trips will just become read-only.

What you get for free

  • No ads on-site, ever.
  • You can create one "trip", which is a collection of expenses.
  • You can add many "payers" to that trip, so that you can get GoDutch to tell you how much everyone owes, but you'll have to add the expenses yourself – you can't invite anyone to collaborate.
  • You can collaborate on as many trips as you want, created by Premium users. So, if you're housemates, or partners, or friends working on a project, you only need one subscription amongst yourselves.

What you get with Premium 👑

  • Create as many trips as you want
  • Invite as many collaborators as you want, even if they're free-tier users 👩‍👩‍👦
  • Get our fancy new features first – GoDutch is still under heavy development 🏎